Thursday, 11 May 2017


Once Upon a Time It was a stormy night. Me and russell westbrook were going to cook Island on a plane.The Hurricane hit the plane and the power went off. Then me and Russell westbrook fall off the plane and land in the forest. Me and russell westbrook went somewhere and we Found a person called Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and Blake Griffin. Then a Bear,Snakes,wolf,Tiger, and a Scary clown was Chasing all off us.

We went in the forest to hunt for food we got a bear,tiger,fish and a wolf.When we are Thirsty you have to go and look for a coconut then we will drink the Juice in the coconut. You have to use sticks and coconut leaf to make a cook island bed.

Westbrook,Blake Griffin,and i was stuck in the island. We had no Idea then it was night time. The next day Westbrook had an idea we can all make something with the plane but we need to find some tools.

The End

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