Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Word investigation

This week room 6 was learning about our word investigation

Thursday, 17 August 2017


this week the space invaders was working on our subtraction

The boy with the blue tongue

Once upon a time there was a little girl name Kurtas he was inventing a blue tongue.The ‘blue tongue said where am my and Kurtas screamed like a girl’. ‘Then he said who are you, I am the world's Strongest bluetongue’.

The next day Kurtas and the blue tongue was going for a walk. But suddenly the prime minister came out of no wear and bumped of Kurtas and the blue tongue. Then they said ‘who are you’ ‘i am the prime minister for the United States of America my name is Obama’.’Kurtas and the blue tongue said what’s your problem man Then Obama said want’s your problem i didn't mean to bumped you off i am sorry’.

When Kurtas,the blue tongue and the The prime minister was going for a walk to the skate park.They were doing some tricks then one of them did a cool tricks. But suddenly he didn't make the tricks then he went flying. Then a boy name Tata Rua came and ‘said i will save him kids don't worry’.

When they all met they was best friends for ever.’then Kurtas said do you guys want to go a walk yes let go to the movie that a good idea that what I was going to say then let go.then after the movie’s finish they went back to their home.