Thursday, 22 June 2017

My inventing

This is my Nike Mag there are button on the side there's a off button and a on button.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Scary Picture Prompt Story Writing with Miss Szymanik

One day a boy called John key and Donald Trump were going to work on their bikes. Suddenly some strangers picked up John key and Donald Trump and dumped them into a  tunnel. When they got into the tunnel they looked on the side and they saw tagging. When they walked someone was making this Scratching noise and the lights were off and it was so dark.They walked Slowly but someone named Annabelle jump out of nowhere and Scared them. A cop named Mason came and arrested Annabelle. She stayed in prison for 90 years.    

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Swimming lessons

Team 4 went to the pool’s only for three weeks. Room six maths goes to swimming on lunchtime at 1:45 pm. Team 4 goes to Glen Innes Pools in Gi. Team 4 goes every day at Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday except Friday.

If you are going on a boat you must have a life jackets on your body. Because if you go in the middle of the ocean you can fall off by the wave.We go for a shower then we have to go to our  instructor then we have to put the life jackets on us.We learn how to get into the pool we sit on the side then we get in safely.

All of team 4 went to glen innes pool only for three weeks.We learn how to arm circles,splashed and we Learn how to float on our back.We had a race whoever came first will go into the big pool. If you go to the big pool you will have to go 3 lap without stopping.We learn how to get into the pool,arm circles splashed.

I feel that I know more about swimming and and wearing a life jackets and to swim with only look at them.I feel hoot when i went into the pool. When we went into the pool I felt warm.but when we got out of the pool we was all wet. Our instructor was Jess,Kat and Jed they were an awesome instructor that i ever had.