Thursday, 18 August 2016

Derek Redmond Is a Champions

Derek Redmond Is fast like Usain Bolt. He is Strong His line Is number 7.  He was Stretching when the game Started was in 1992 in Barcelona. About to do a 400 meter Race.

When the race started Derek Redmond he Only ran 150m long. Derek hamstring Rip. Derek got up and he started and he was hopping on one foot. But Derek Redmond Never gave up  in the rac.

Dad pushed Other people away. Derek Nerve give up in the race. Derek didn't quit in the Olympic race. Dad Help Derek Redmond Walk to the finish line. Derek was crying in the the race. Derek finished the Olympic race in 1992.


  1. Hi aj i ilke your Derek Redmond was cool

  2. hi aj i ilke your derek redmond was cool